Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{active humanity}

"Our literature is great because it is the outcome of living experience. The common lot must be shared. Deeds must be done. And good literature is the natural result of that sane outlook which only comes from a share in the active life of humanity and a living conviction of the significance of daily toil, of words and deeds and human relationships, and, above all, of the beauty of the world, and from a living faith too in God, and the triumph of Good over Evil. As soon as men cease themselves to live, and only write, the effect is evident in a certain lack of virility in their outlook."
~Mrs. Conyers Alston 

 {requisite pumpkin cookies} 

 {sunrise off our back patio}

 {a festively dressed Margot Jane admiring some neighbor chickens}

{a rare moment of relaxation, reading through On Heaven and Earth a few weeks ago}

This season of life that I'm in- raising a little one and supporting my husband's endeavors in medicine- requires a heavy amount of investment. I moved to this rural town sight unseen, knowing not a soul. One of my constant prayers throughout the past few years has been a heartfelt plea for fellowship and community, because certainly friendship eases some of the burden of being the wife of someone who works as many hours as Brendan does!

I'm really happy to say that my life here thus far has been full of just that: community. But, of course, as with everything, I get out of it what I put into it. Making the effort. Remembering countless names and faces, really hearing peoples' needs, and just plain showing up. With church prayer groups, our natural food co op, and the hospital auxiliary alike, it has paid off for me in the form of feeling like I'm a part of something here in this tiny town.


-reading the stories and kissing her head... so that, later, she might associate reading with a mother's love.
-making his lunch and writing a note... so that, later, he might long to come home to a peaceful and loving home.
-soaking the grains and adding the leavening and letting it all rise... so that, later, we might enjoy our daily bread.
-scrubbing the bathrooms and sweeping the floors... so that, later, we might enjoy a calm rest in our clean home.
-praying, studying Scripture, and trusting God... so that, later, I might hear those beautiful words. "well done my good and faithful servant"... and hear the same said to my husband, and all of my children.

Yes, this season is all about putting in the time to live simply and authentically; doing those deeds which must be done and loving those who must be loved and putting faith in a God who has written and is writing a most beautiful story.

Forgive my absence on this blog, but I would never want to be accused of lacking a virility of outlook. So I continue to share in the active duty of humanity, even if not sharing so much in the less active one of blogging :)


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