Monday, April 28, 2014

crazy days

It's been awhile since I last wrote, huh? (why do I always feel the need to point that out? no clue.)

Time is truckin' along. we've had birthdays around here, we've had family visits, Easter, roadtrips, etc. etc. and in just four weeks Brendan will finish out his THIRD year of medical school, which is just utter craziness to me. because I distinctly remember packing up our teeny studio apartment in South Bend, shoving everything that would fit into our silver Volvo, and moving to Philadelphia with nary a lease in sight (yeah, we're smart like that)... like it was yesterday.

And yet here we are, now not in Philadelphia but in Central PA, with an extra fun little person to care for and third year medical school almost finished.

It's really ridiculous, is what it is.

We're thinking ahead now. to residency. (deep breathing. heavy sighs.) there is a very high likelihood that we'll rank Brendan's current clinical campus #1, which means that we're very very super likely to match here, and stay here through a three year internal medicine residency.... and, if Brendan is so lucky, a chief year, before a two year GI fellowship. that's SIX, coun'em, six years here, in a place I didn't even know existed before moving here.

Here, a place I had never heard of, never planned for. here, the place with 4000 residents, no Trader Joe's, no Costco, no Target. here, where I nearly get run over every time I try to go for a walk with Margot (there's a hideous dearth of sidewalks for some reason??).

I'm making peace with it, ahead of match. so that when Match Day comes next February, I'll be prepared when Brendan opens that email and sees that he's staying here for IM instead of us dashing off to bigger and better places- like San Diego. wink.

I'm making peace with being so far from family, with the zany weather, with raising all our babies on my own while my husband basically lives at le hospital. If I sound like I'm whining, well, I am.... indulge me.

The medical lifestyle is one that's hard for anyone who doesn't live it to understand, but I will do my best to keep you apprised of every heinously hard detail, because I'm considerate like that. I want you to understand. I do.

awkward segue.

I have no idea why I'm writing this right now. I specifically turned on an episode of old school Winnie the Pooh (Margot's fave) and opened up Blogger only to have this spill out. There's a lot I could have talked about, though. Little updates, like the fact that Margot and I have been watching her boyfriend J (same age as her, just two weeks older!) a couple of times a week, that I'm running a marathon relay next Sunday, that I've been going through a deep dark spiritual struggle lately, or that we're planning on adopting a dog soon-ish. For instance.

But there's no time to write about everything, so this will have to do.

Blogging's really weird. You are really awesome. The end.


  1. Oh my goodness - the dearth of sidewalks is SO TRUE! We recently moved to the western suburbs of Philly (we're not originally from Pennsylvania) and the sidewalk situation is so crazy to me. So crazy that I actually wrote a post all about it this week, haha.

    I'll say some prayers about you all ending up wherever God wants you. My sister-in-law is in residency but I can only imagine what life in the medical school world is like for you all.

    1. hahah! I just read your sidewalk post and laughed a little too hard. because, it's so true. so sadly sadly true. oh, Pennsylvania sidewalks. we will endure!

  2. No Trader Joe's and no Target... how do you find meaning in your life?! Just kidding, but really, you are amazing for enduring.

    The med school thing sounds so grueling. Hang in there!

    1. Seriously! I have no clue how I survive. (Honest answer: I whine way too much to my mom. slash Amazon prime has become my new best fran.)

      by the by, I'm patiently awaiting a bloggy post about bbgirl #2! Can't wait to see what you've named her. #babynamenerd


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